Minnesota Motorcycle Insurance Tips

Choosing the best Minnesota motorcycle insurance policy for your needs can be a confusing process. While some people may assume that state requirements are the same as those for auto insurance, they are not. And with so many coverage ranges and options to sort through, it would be easy to end up over insured and paying more that you have to. On the other hand, many people make substantial investments in accessories and custom features for their bikes. If that sounds like you, then you may want optional coverage to make sure your additional purchases are covered. Here are some factors that can affect the types of coverage and rates

How often and how far do you plan to ride?

If you are an avid motorcycle enthusiast and you use your bike instead of your car whenever possible, your insurance needs will be different that if you are a recreational rider who only takes the cycle out a couple of times a month for a weekend ride.

Likewise, if you never miss the yearly trip to Sturgis and you like to travel cross country with your bike club, you may want to consider different coverage than a hard core dirt bike rider. Roadside assistance coverage can be useful for long distance riders. It will pay for the cost to transport your cycle to a repair shop, and help pay for the labor costs.

What kinds of motorcycle accessories do you own?

If you own a basic cycle that you use for cheap, fuel-efficient transportation around town, you may be able to get by with coverage that meets the minimal State requirements. But if you own a vintage Harley or a cruiser complete with saddle bags, a riding camera and Kuryakyn speakers, you should seriously consider purchasing optional coverage for special parts and accessories that can pay for damage to your after market custom parts and equipment.

Does your auto insurance carrier cover motorcycles, too?

Don’t automatically assume that your car insurance carrier is the best choice for you motorcycle insurance. Just because they offer motorcycle policies, they may not offer the best coverage or competitive rates. Check with your Faribo independent insurance agent to find the motorcycle policy that fits your budget and your riding style.

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