Minnesota Health Insurance Experts

Trying to find the best Minnesota health insurance plan can be a confusing process.  According to local and national news stories, health insurance companies seem to be raising their rates on a regular basis, excluding coverage for selective pre-existing conditions in the fine print of their policies and playing hard to get when it comes time to pay a claim.  In such a volatile market, how can you possibly find a health insurance policy that you can rely on and afford? Here are a few things to consider.

What Kinds of Health Coverage Do You Need?

Medical coverage – Policies range from basic coverage for major medical events to coverage for ongoing well patient preventative care.  Weigh your pre-existing conditions, your current needs and the likelihood of your future health care needs against the costs to determine what features must be included in your policy.

Pregnancy and newborn coverage – If you are planning to have a baby in the near future, you’ll need to evaluate any health insurance plan you consider for pregnancy and newborn coverage.  If you’re considering using any alternative services like midwifery or acupuncture, make sure the policy you choose covers them.

Dental insurance – Healthy teeth are important for overall health.  If it’s not included in your primary policy, health insurance is usually available as a separate policy.

Mental health coverage – Some policies don’t cover any mental health treatments at all, some cover treatments for addictions and chemical dependencies, others cover out patient psychiatric treatment.

What Are Your Health Insurance Options?

You or some of your family members may be eligible for health insurance coverage at work or at school.  If so, it’s worthwhile to look into those options since they are likely to be offered at lower cost group rates.

But it’s important to read the policies carefully to determine coverage and exclusions, as well as the types and amounts of deductibles and co-payments.  Some policies exclude so much and have such high deductions and co-pays that they may not be worth the monthly premiums.

If you’re not eligible for group policies, individual health insurance is the logical choice. Researching policies on your own is time consuming and nerve wracking when it comes to deciphering the medical terms along with the insurance legalese.  You can save yourself time and frustration by consulting with a knowledgeable insurance agent.

Choose An Independent Insurance Agent To Help You

The experienced agents at Faribo Insurance are at your service in three convenient locations: Faribault, MNHastings, MN…and Lakeville, MN.  You can also email us or call us with your questions at 888-923-0430.  Or use the Quick Quote Insurance form online.  We’ll be glad to show you options for your health insurance that address all of your needs